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Get a Cardinal Inspection
From someone who really knows them

Whether you are buying a Cessna Cardinal, selling one or in the process of making one your very own, an inspection by Cardinal Inspections will provide both information and knowledge. We focus exclusively on the Cessna Cardinal and we know them better than anyone.

Our 25 years of Cardinal experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you not only know the state of the Cardinal being inspected, but also to help you learn and understand it yourself. The process is partly inspection, partly training and partly exposure to the experience of the Cardinal community gained across the years.

If you're buying, know where you stand before you finalize your negotiations. Even a nice looking Cardinal can have thousands of dollars of problems which won't be discovered if you don't know where to look or what to look for. We'll also help advise you through the process to help you get the bird you're looking for.

For existing owners, get new eyes with deep Cardinal experience on your airplane, receive a list of improvements you can make over the next several years and learn first hand how to be a more engaged and knowledgeable participant in the maintenance of your airplane.

If you're selling, find out in advance what you will need to resolve before the deal is done, and have an independent review on hand with the information your buyers will need.

The Cessna Cardinal is an outstanding aircraft, perfect for personal ownership. Just by your interest in the Cardinal its clear you want to find a good one and make it part of your life. And by finding this site you're most likely inclined toward understanding what's required to do so.

Use the links along the left side to learn about the process we follow, what you should expect for the purchase process and the inspection event, and to contact us to schedule your own Cardinal Inspection.

Update 11/13/17:I am back to normal inspections after a kidney transplant in August of 2017.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs. (if this link doesn't work send to keith -at- cardinalflyers.com)

Keith Peterson
Cardinal Inspections

Cardinal Inspections is a KDP Solutions company.