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The Client section is for those who have had an inspection completed by Cardinal Inspections. Here you'll find information on the use of the information you now have, and answers to a few questions you may have.

Of course the most substantial information that you receive as a client is your inspection report. Whether it's in list form or you sprung for the full annotation pictures approach, you'll find those reports on this system. They are in this section, but the link is always a private one that you will receive by email. Frequently Asked Questions: May I share my inspection results with my mechanic?

Yes of course. In fact I'd suggest you work out who your mechanic will be before you purchase the airplane and share the report when them before purchase. They may have preferences or opinions which could become a factor later, and its better to know this in advance.

If I don't buy this airplane, will you share the results with other buyers?

Not without your permission. Strangely this has not yet happened, but if it does I will contact the person who paid for the inspection and help negotiate a deal. Perhaps some portion of the expenses of the inspection costs could be paid for sharing the results. I will still charge for my time in explaining and describing the findings, and of course the new person would not get the benefit of being at the inspection, so it may not be appropriate to expect a 50/50 split.

May I share the results with a future buyer?

Let's work out something which seems fair. If it is a quick sale, say within the first year or so. I would appreciate being informed of the request and perhaps work out a deal where I spend some time with the new buyer describing the results I found, at a reasonable fee. A year or more later, its not clear the results will still have substantial bearing, and in fact will start to become more of a record of your maintenance of the aircraft. At that point I don't need to be involved in any forwarding of information.

Will I use the pictures I take or the reports I write?

I have a few sample reports which I share just to let people know what to expect. I try to de-personalize these reports for privacy, although its possible someone may recognize a repair or paint scheme. I may use the pictures, individually, to help document issues and solutions on the CFO web page or in convention presentations. If you would prefer that I not use certain pictures please let me know.