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Get a Cardinal Inspection
From someone who really knows them

Whether you are buying a Cessna Cardinal, selling one or in the process of making one your very own, an inspection by Cardinal Inspections will provide both information and knowledge. We focus exclusively on the Cessna Cardinal and we know them better than anyone.

For existing owners, get new eyes with deep Cardinal experience on your airplane, receive a list of improvements you can make over the next several years and learn first hand how to be a more engaged and knowledgeable participant in the maintenance of your airplane.

Many owners are concerned that their primary mechanic is not very skilled with Cardinal issues and desire a one-time check to see if things have been missed. I have found that these inspections very often reveal very substantial and serious issues. The stories I could tell! Missed ADs, failed parts, incorrect installations, even completed service bulletins un-done by unfamiliar mechanics.

An "owner inspection" can be a very valuable next step for any owner who is interested in making their aircraft as safe and up to date as possible.

In addition, all the benefits of the learning experience will be yours during this inspection process. We'll walk through all aspects of the inspection together, explaining each step and answering any questions which may come to light.

Thanks for visiting, and may you have a great Cardinal ownership experience!

Keith Peterson
Cardinal Inspections