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Get a Cardinal Inspection
From someone who really knows them

Whether you are buying a Cessna Cardinal, selling one or in the process of making one your very own, an inspection by Cardinal Inspections will provide both information and knowledge. We focus exclusively on the Cessna Cardinal and we know them better than anyone.

If you're selling, just as the seller of a house may have an inspection performed to help speed the sale, you may have your aircraft for sale inspected and documented for prospective buyers.

In this case you'll have the report link available to share, and I'll spend a little time answering questions for any who may desire a deeper explaination of what was found during the inspection.

You will also find out in advance what you will need to resolve before the deal is done, so any issues can be resulted in advance. The inspection will include suggestions on your options and potential costs for those options.

Thanks for visiting, and may you have a great Cardinal ownership experience!

Keith Peterson
Cardinal Inspections