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About KDP Solutions

The idea of helping Cardinal owners and shoppers started in 1982 when Keith and Debbie Peterson were flying their Cessna 152 across the country shopping for a Cardinal. There was so much to learn and no place to learn it.

Building on his Mechanical Engineering degree and career, Keith built a deep technical knowledge of the Cardinal through his own ownership experience. As an Accountant and pilot, Debbie developed expertise in managing organisations and events and helping aviators build community.

This led to the formation of Cardinal Flyers Online where the Cardinal Community gathers and where a huge number of Cardinal items of interest are documented within the tens of thousands of pages of the CFO web system. We strongly encourage membership in CFO to learn about Cardinals.

As the information accumulated, the prospect of reading, learning and remembering all this information became a daunting one for owners and shoppers alike. Many Cardinal owners and shoppers wished for a more hands-on engagement and asked for Keith to travel to evaluate a particular aircraft and share his knowledge.

Those frequent and recurring requests led to the launch of KDP solutions and our growing list of services, directly supporting Cardinal owners and other Aviation groups:

Cardinal Inspections

With over 30 years of hands-on Cardinal ownership, interest in finding solutions to issues and central role in capturing the accumulated wisdom of thousands of owners, Keith is uniquely qualified to provide this service. He will usually find dozens of issues or considerations on a Cardinal where even skilled A&P's only find a few.

Keith has inspected several hundred Cardinals, adding up to about 10% of the fleet as of 2019. He currently performs several dozen in-depth Cardinal inspections each year.

Cardinal Buy and Sell Assistance

Through these inspections, Keith became an expert on the process of shopping, negotiating for and purchasing Cardinals. He has also helped several Cardinal owners find good homes for their pride and joy and has been involved in hundreds of purchase negotiations.

KDP has now added additional services to meet the needs of the Cardinal marketplace for assistance with the buying and selling process to help Cardinal owners and shoppers find good airplanes, make them ever better, then help them move on to good new homes when the time comes.

Aviation Events

Debbie Peterson has been planning, coordinating and delivering outstanding Aviation events since before the formation of CFO in 2000. She has delivered over 50 successful aviation based events for the Cardinal Flyers and other aviation groups.

She has developed an extensive network of aviation contacts, established venue relationships and developed deep experience and knowledge of how to effectively deliver events which aviators enjoy.

Past events have included visits to unique and interesting aviation attractions across multiple days with attendee counts numbering into the hundreds.

KDP has allowed us to help further the cause of aviation and Cardinals in many ways. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to helping you.

Keith and Debbie Peterson