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About Cardinal Inspections

Cardinal Inspections is the result of Keith Peterson's life long passion for learning about machines, especially machines with engines and wings, and his desire and ability to help others learn as well. Starting with go-carts and minibikes at age 8, Keith has always sought to make things work and help others do the same.

The idea of creating a service to help Cardinal owners first formed in 1982, when Keith and Debbie Peterson were flying their Cessna 152 across the country shopping for a Cardinal. There was so much to learn and no place to learn it. In this time before the internet, the first idea was to create a printed publication, capture information as it was learned and send updates to members as the information was gathered and documented.

This idea evolved over time and blended well with the new delivery mechanism of the Internet, starting with Keith's leadership of technical sessions in several Cardinal Club conventions and leading to the formation of Cardinal Flyers Online (in partnership with Paul Millner) where hundreds of Cardinal items of interest are documented within the tens of thousands of pages of the CFO web system.

Building on his training as a mechanical engineer, Keith has built a deep technical knowledge of the Cardinal, through his own ownership experience as well as his own troubleshooting and finally, documentation of the results of these issues as explored and resolved by hundreds of Cardinal Flyers.

As the information accumulated, the prospect of reading, learning and remembering all this information has become a daunting one for owners and shoppers alike. This led to an increasing demand for a service providing access to someone who could apply that knowledge directly.

Cardinal Inspections was formed specifically to meet this need. With his degree in Mechanical Engineering, long history of fixing machines, 25 years of hands-on Cardinal ownership and his role in the documentation of information passing between thousands of owners, Keith is uniquely qualified to provide this service.

Keith has inspected hundreds of Cardinals across the years and performs dozens of in-depth pre-purchase inspections each year. He will usually find dozens of issues or considerations on a Cardinal where even skilled A&P's only find a few.

Cardinal Inspections is based at a residential airport in Northern Illinois, a subsidiary of KDP Solutions Inc, a company formed and owned by Debbie and Keith Peterson for their various business interests.